New Home Sales Drop 12.6% in January

24 Feb

I think I am making the right decision to get out of the new home industry for a while. There are too many great deals on resales due to foreclosures and short sales.

Testing the Raleigh Market

17 Feb

So I decided to list our home yesterday, see if there is any interest. It’s not a “short sale” price because the market seems to be picking up in our price range a bit . . . so crossing my fingers that maybe we can sell and be done with this mess!

North Carolina Commissioner of Banks

15 Feb
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It is also helpful to alert the commissioner of banks in your state to any problems that you are having with your lender.  I live in North Carolina and here is a link to our Commissioner of Banks:

Their office responded to my complaint promptly and followed through to make sure that Wells Fargo did contact me to work towards a resolution.

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

14 Feb
Wells Fargo Center in Los Angeles, California

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My purpose in starting this blog is to give and receive advice from distressed homeowners, like myself, who are going through a horrible time with their lender(s).  To that end, I wanted to share a link to a government agency which has been really helpful in forcing Wells Fargo to actually return my calls and speak with me about my issues.

Go to their site, file your complaint (you need to have your loan information handy) and hopefully you will get a very quick response from your lender and also from the Comptroller of the Currency.  I have filed three complaints with them in the last 3 months and Wells Fargo has been very proactive, at least on the surface.  The bottom line is still a “no” to my loan modification request but at least I am delaying the foreclosure process somewhat.

If anyone out there has any tips to add, please do!