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New Home Sales Drop 12.6% in January

24 Feb

I think I am making the right decision to get out of the new home industry for a while. There are too many great deals on resales due to foreclosures and short sales.

Testing the Raleigh Market

17 Feb

So I decided to list our home yesterday, see if there is any interest. It’s not a “short sale” price because the market seems to be picking up in our price range a bit . . . so crossing my fingers that maybe we can sell and be done with this mess!

North Carolina Commissioner of Banks

15 Feb
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It is also helpful to alert the commissioner of banks in your state to any problems that you are having with your lender.  I live in North Carolina and here is a link to our Commissioner of Banks:

Their office responded to my complaint promptly and followed through to make sure that Wells Fargo did contact me to work towards a resolution.